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At Awaken Chiropractic Center, we believe

families are the cornerstone of our community!

Dr. Victoria and Dr. Robert want to make sure every family on
Florida's Treasure Coast has the opportunity to choose the

life-changing benefits of principled chiropractic care. 

The daily stresses of raising a family can take a toll on the physical and mental well-being of any parent. Often unintentionally, this stress can be projected into the child's environment; it is seen and felt by those little humans who are deeply keyed into what we parents believe are just subtle changes in our posture and expressions. Those kiddos are always looking to you for guidance and to learn how to respond to what's going on in the environment around them. When you're stressed, they're stressed. But waitThere's good news!

When you come to visit Dr. Victoria & Dr. Robert, they are going to talk to you about the areas of your spine that have become misaligned, causing abnormal stress on your nervous system that may be the cause of many of your health concerns, or the concerns you have for your children. Through the chiropractic adjustment, these areas of misalignment, called vertebral subluxation, are reduced and corrected which allows the nervous system to function as it was designed, healing from the inside-out. A reduction of abnormal tension and restriction on the body internally allows it to respond to external stresses of life with greater ease and efficiency. 

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We offer affordable individual and family care plans to ensure everyone in your home is able to receive the chiropractic care they deserve. Wellness plans are available for established members who have completed their initial phases of corrective care. 

"forces of change are

not often liked by those who want to stay asleep."

-donald epstein, dc, developer of network spinal analysis

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