The nervous system is the first organ system to develop when a child is concieved. Out of a single egg from mother, and single sperm from father, the most important system in the body develops innately, responsible for the growth, repair, coordination, and compensation of all other organ systems in the body. 


During what are deemed normal assisted hospital births, doctors may use excessive amounts of force to extract a baby from the womb. This force, coupled with the twisting and bending that occurs during the process, is where a child's first subluxation can develop. 

Children often become subluxated as they challenge themselves to take their next step in development and achieve the next milestone. Acquiring the strength to hold up their heavy heads, responding to their surroundings, positioning their bodies in space, and learning to become mobile are all new stresses for their malleable little bodies. Improper positioning of the top bone in the cervical spine causing abnormal pressure and/or tension on the nervous system has been linked to several common childhood conditions including asthma, allergies, ear infections, colic, difficulty breastfeeding, and acid reflux (GERD), in addition to many others.

Life-altering interference in your child's nervous system is something only a chiropractor is trained to detect and correct. 

Chiropractic adjustments for children are very different than adjustments for adults.

The doctors use no more pressure than that required to check for the ripeness of a tomato when adjusting the spines of infants and others with special sensitivities. Dr. Victoria has been studying chiropractic care specifically for the pediatric population since 2013, and has a driving passion to help all children become the best expression of themselves through the application of principled chiropractic care. Dr. Victoria has experience working with some of the most uniquely challenged children on the spectrum, and loves to see the unfiltered change in a child's expression of life after their adjustment. Every gentle adjustment has the power to change the way their rapidly growing brains experience the world around them; they express the change through the way their bodies function (i.e. improved eye contact, social interaction, demeanor).

Ready to experience the impact

principled chiropractic care can have on your children?

"it is easier to build strong children

than to repair broken men."

-frederick douglass

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