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NetworkSpinal® in Port St Lucie

NetworkSpinal is a unique, well-researched approach that works with your body’s innate healing intelligence to improve mind-body connection and take your health to a whole new level. This gentle method of “rewiring” allows your body to release stored tension and develop new wellness strategies, greater adaptability and resilience.

Dr. Robert adjusting patientAt Awaken Chiropractic Center, both Dr. Robert and Dr. Victoria utilize this life-changing method.

How It Works

Even if you’ve experienced chiropractic care before, a NetworkSpinal “entrainment” will be a whole new ballgame for you. It’s not something done to you; rather, your chiropractor will work with you (and specifically, with your breath) to release tension patterns without shocking your system with higher force techniques, which result in the cracking and popping many people associate with the traditional chiropractic adjustment.
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With this method, your body feels safe and supported. Gentle contacts cue the brain to develop new strategies, access stored energy, release tension and heal the body from within.

Embracing a patient

Coming Home

Interference in the nervous system causes a disconnect between brain and body, which leads to various physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Entrainments reorganize the nervous system in such a way that they connect all parts of yourself, so the experience feels like coming back home to your true self. Over the course of care, wellness improves and a state of coherence is restored.

What to Expect

Every NetworkSpinal care plan is customized to the unique needs of the client and the rhythm of their nervous system. You’ll lie on the table, relax and focus on your breath. Your chiropractor will use their hands to feel along your back, checking the tone of your nervous system. Based on your specific indicators, they will apply the appropriate contact while working with you to connect more deeply to your breath and body. An entrainment is gentle and relaxing; you may experience a change in your inner state immediately!


With this technique, clients often can:

  • Adapt more efficiently to stressors
  • Release tension from the spine and nervous system
  • Reconnect to their body’s unique, natural rhythms (yes, improved sleep is possible!)
  • Make healthier choices
  • Experience greater overall wellness

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