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Round Ligament Pain Relief in Port St Lucie

woman with pregnancy discomfortThe round ligament plays a crucial role in female reproductive health, particularly during pregnancy. This integral component of the human-making system, along with the help of a few other ligaments, supports the uterus in the pelvis, attaching (like hot air balloon cables) near the pubic bone. Unique in its composition, the round ligament contains smooth muscle fibers that increase in number during pregnancy. As the ligament builds strength, it also stretches to accommodate the growing baby and prevents the uterus from tipping too far forward.

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A Common Discomfort During Pregnancy

Many moms begin to experience pain in the lower belly during the second trimester of pregnancy, but what’s causing it? Round ligament pain often stems from unresolved tension and dysfunction in the lower back and pelvis that can lead to ongoing issues with alignment and neuro-biomechanical function. Pain is not just a symptom but a sign of dysfunction that could lead to abnormal pelvic motion during the act of childbirth and strain on the uterus.

Our Chiropractic Assessment and Diagnosis

Dr. Victoria and Dr. Robert first differentiate round ligament pain from other conditions, such as Braxton-Hicks contractions or pubic symphysis pain, through a careful assessment. This distinction is crucial for providing the proper adjustment that will allow the pelvis and its connecting ligaments to function as they were designed. Improved function can improve uterine support, reduce muscle spasm and discomfort and prepare the body for natural childbirth. A series of thorough, non-invasive, pregnancy-safe nervous system scans are performed using FDA approved technology to find the exact areas of neurological stress that may be causing abnormal muscle contraction in the uterus or muscle fibers of the round ligament.

The Role of the Webster Technique

The Webster Technique was specifically designed for pregnant women and focuses on balancing the pelvis to improve neuro-biomechanical function. This approach allows the baby to move into the optimal position for a natural birth on their own, reduces the chances of prolonged labor (aka labor dystocia), and facilitates a smoother birth process all by ensuring proper biomechanical function of mom’s nervous system and without adjusting the baby.

While primarily used for pregnant women, the Webster Technique is also helpful for women with painful periods. Improved neuro-biomechanical function reduces uterine tension. Chiropractic adjustments have also been helpful in improving fertility.

Preventative Prenatal Care & Self-Care

Whether in the first or third trimester, seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy can help moms-to-be find more comfort. By maintaining a well-aligned pelvis and a relaxed nervous system, expectant mothers can create an ideal internal environment for their babies’ development and a more comfortable pregnancy experience.

Let’s Relieve Your Pain So You Can Enjoy Your Pregnancy

If you’re experiencing round ligament pain or want to prepare your body for a smooth pregnancy and birth, consider chiropractic care at Awaken Chiropractic Center. Contact us today to book an appointment with Dr. Victoria or Dr. Robert!



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