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Sports Chiropractic in Port St Lucie

Athletes at all levels subject their bodies to greater physical stress than non-athletes. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a pro, keeping your body performing at its highest level means addressing those physical stressors, as well as ensuring optimal nervous system function.

At Awaken Chiropractic Center, we offer care tailored to the needs of athletes. Dr. Robert has a master’s degree in Sport Health Science, along with many years’ experience working with elite-level athletes.

If you’re not an athlete, that’s okay! Sports chiropractic care can help anyone who is active or wants to become more active in life.


Dr. Robert adjusting man

Benefits of Sports Chiropractic

Your body heals at the rate that it is strong. In other words, the stronger you are, the more quickly and efficiently you heal. Dr. Robert offers PT to help improve your posture and become more efficient in your movements, allowing you to build strength, coordination and range of motion. He focuses on education, so you understand the biomechanics of your movements and how to improve them.

When your nervous system and body communicate as they should, your performance can improve across the board.

There is a reason why practically every college, Olympic and professional sports team has a chiropractor: research shows regular chiropractic care can help keep athletes healthy and performing optimally. Some of the specific benefits of care include:

  • Better reaction times
  • Improved eye-hand or eye-foot coordination
  • Greater strength
  • Faster recovery times

Our Approach

Dr. Robert understands the different types of stress and injuries that can occur within individual sports, and how to help. He breaks down specific movements to help you rebuild your structure from the ground up, so you can be efficient in your movements. He also adjusts extremities, such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles.

Based on your specific needs and goals, Dr. Robert will work with you to design a care plan to optimize your nervous system function, help you heal from any injuries, perform at a higher level, and help prevent future injuries.

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