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Yoga in Port St Lucie

Yoga For Your Nervous System

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Are you listening?

Many Americans have adopted a “no pain, no gain” mentality when it comes to health and healing.

Suffering through a class or workout at the gym gets people moving, but are they taking time to listen to what their bodies are telling them? While they may have amazing strength, many struggle to balance that strength with the breath and softness that could bring their body greater physical and mental adaptability. Are you adaptable?

Every morning put your mind into your heart & stand in the presence of God all day long.
Patañjali, from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Imagine This

You’ve got a nice day planned with the family after a long, stressful, successful week at the office. You wake up with the sun and finish a delightful breakfast; everyone is in a great mood and excited to spend a day at the beach relaxing, playing in the waves, and building sand castles. You walk out the front door, phone, wallet, kids & keys in hand and BAM – flat tire. Since it’s a holiday, you’re not able to get it changed today.

Group yoga classWhat do you do? What is your immediate REACTION? Do you get upset? Mad? Are you sad, feeling you’re letting your kids down?


Do you choose to RESPOND!? Do you ADAPT to the situation and get to planning an EVEN MORE FUN day for you and the family in the comfort of your own home?! Perhaps there is a park you’ve been wanting to check out that is within walking distance or a new ice cream shop opened up around the corner! Maybe you invite your best friends and their kiddos over for an evening cookout and everyone gets to play; the possibilities are endless!


It’s absolutely true that when we feel BOUND in our bodies, we may find it difficult to GO WITH THE FLOW because there is NO FLOW WITHIN! Finding EASE in situations that don’t go as planned or “our way” and CHOOSING a response vs reacting can be tough – AND – it’s possible!

Modern Stress, Ancient Solution

If you’ve been on edge lately (let’s be real… it’s 2024; who isn’t on edge these days!) feel like there is little to no flow in your body or in your life & you are ready to take action, we’d be honored to walk beside you as you reclaim your inner peace and move toward greater adaptability!

Are you ready to experience yoga with Dr. Victoria and Dr. Robert at Awaken Chiropractic Center to shift your nervous system from a bound state of stress & irritation to a state of greater ease, connection & freedom?

Feel Better at Awaken Chiropractic Center

Schedule a yoga session with Dr. Victoria or Dr. Robert! We look forward to helping you achieve a healthier version of you.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Morning Sadhana

Sadhana = daily practice
Enhance your overall well-being with 23 specific exercises. This kundalini workout helps tone the muscles, nervous system, and glandular system. Breathwork, mantras, and movement prepare your mind & body to start the week grounded and energized! Kundalini is done best on an empty or light stomach. All experience levels are welcome to attend this 75-minute class.

Gentle Flow

Synchronize the rhythms of your unique design as we use breath & movement to prepare for rest. This gentle flow focuses on coordinating breath with intentional movement to enhance strength, balance, and mobility. As stagnant tension & discomfort shifts into accessible, usable energy, you may experience more peace, more ease & space to welcome new possibilities! All experience levels are welcome to attend this 60-minute class.

Introduction to Kundalini

This class blends dynamic postures with rhythmic breathing, promoting physical strength, mental clarity, and spiritual enlightenment. While vibration and tones are part of traditional practice, chanting is not required to participate. Conquer your mind, expand your consciousness, and improve your health, flexibility, and creativity. This 75-minute class is a wonderful practice of self-maintenance suitable for all levels of experience.


All experience levels are invited to join this gentle class focused on relaxing the mind, softening tight joint spaces & elongating connective tissues. While little effort is required, passive, long-held postures coupled with props & intentional breath offers a powerful opportunity to let tight, stagnant regions shift into ease and flow. This 60-minute class is a delightful complement to more rigorous forms of exercise that emphasize muscular engagement.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
J Krishnamurti


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